Concrete: An Introduction

Many of us have never scratched the surface to expose the beauty of concrete. We might think of concrete as simply a surface to park or drive on.

To the contrary, concrete is a magnificent building material that can be molded and transformed into a solid object, taking on any shape. It’s limits are at the mercy of our imagination. No two pieces are alike, every step is by hand. At Ca20 Studio, we’re excited about the limitless possibilities with concrete.

Concrete has inherent qualities that make it different from any other solid surface. Concrete, as it ages, develops character and warmth. Handcrafted concrete will have variations in color and finish that are part of the appeal. Concrete is both ancient and modern.  Education about these qualities is an important step in the decision to use concrete in your home or office. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

The ancient Romans used concrete to create beauty we can still admire today. We would like to extend the invitation to let us create something beautiful for you.

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